Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Worthy of Every Lofty Adjective

I like what my father-in-law (Terry Carlson) wrote to me this weekend as he prayed for my sermon on the holiness of God this Sunday:

When I think on all the reflections of God's glory in the universe(Psa 19; Isa 40; Psa 8) they are of themselves worthy of every lofty adjective [emphasis mine] we can lay to it--awesome, majestic, incredible, powerful, magnificent, beautiful, stunning, etc. But what amazes me about this thought is that the stunning reality of the universe and all created things is but a dim reflection, a teaspoonful of God's glory. It is simply beyond our human comprehension to fully appreciate our glorious God and Saviour and Creator. But He is my holy hero and I want to spend eternity with no one else.

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