Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sermon -- Truly Seeing Jesus

God used Pastor Dave in a powerful way last Sunday morning (April 5). Dave was scheduled to preach that morning and no one (but God) could plan what would happen Saturday night.

Dave's neighbors had a tragedy hit their home when their 7 week old baby girl (Sophia) died in the home that night. Dave went over to comfort and help. Continue to pray for the parents. May God use the VanAckers and many in the church body to reach out with the comforting love and compassion of Jesus. The funeral is Saturday and we are hosting a meal in the afternoon at the church building.

Here is Dave's sermon. (Right click on "listen" and save to download the sermon)

4.5.09 The Easterly Effect of Encountering Jesus Matthew 16:13-23
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unbored said...

How can Grace Church comfort this family? I do not know them. It would be neat if the Church would provide an opportunity to bless this family corporately, as the Body of Christ.

Daniel Patz said...

Please pray. You can also send cards to the church and we will deliver them to the family. Several in the church are providing a meal for the funeral. That meal will be at the church building. Pray for me as I speak to the family during the funeral. Pray for Dave and Gerri VanAcker who minister to them day in and day out.

Derek and Kristin Dearth said...

I'm sorry to hear of their loss. Molly Piper has written quite a bit on grieving the loss of a baby (her's was a stillbirth) and how people can be supportive during the grieving process. It's on her blog - The Pipers - Hope that is helpful to some.