Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Both Pastors with Broken Bones

O. K., this is more humorous than painful (though Dave may not agree). Both pastor Dave and I broke bones within the span of two days.

Wednesday, April 15th:
I broke pastor Dave's rib in a friendly game of basketball while driving and scoring a basket (as I recall?). He must have been guarding me too close and I needed to use some muscle to show him who was in charge. Anyways, he found out today that the horrible pain in his chest is probably a broken rib.

Friday, April 17th:
My failure in hand-eye coordination resulted in an infield fly ball breaking the tip of my right index finger (don't ask me why I had my right hand close to my glove). There must be an incredible grouping of nerves on the tip of the fingers because it hurt something fierce. I wanted to have an epidural (sorry mothers - I must be a wimp).

Thought you would enjoy and maybe even find some humor in our pain. :)


Anonymous said...

I personally believe that this is God wanting you each to repent (Dave - Michigan State & Daniel - Green Bay) and become fans of our beloved home town teams. :)

Or it could just be that you both are injury prone. :)

We will be praying for quick healing.


DJV said...

I'd just like it to be noted that only one of the pastors is a common thread in both injuries.

Joseph Mancuso said...

You girls sound like you either need to kick up your skills a little or maybe your are both just calcium deficient and therefore have brittle bones. That's my take.