Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Worship Music as an Instrument for Salvation

C. H. Spurgeon on the selection of songs for the worship service:
I TRUST, my brethren, that we all feel very deeply the importance of conducting every part of divine worship with the utmost possible efficiency. When we remember that the salvation of a soul may hang, instrumentally, upon the choice of a hymn, we should not consider so small a matter as the selection of the psalms and hymns to be a trifle. An ungodly stranger, stepping into one of our services at Exeter Hall, was brought to the cross by the work of Wesley’s verse. — “Jesu, lover of my soul.” “Does Jesus love me?” said he: “then why should I live in enmity to him?”
From Lectures to My Students -- "On the Choice of a Text"

Please pray for Matt Howard and me as we plan the worship service each week -- including the selection of songs. We try to post them ahead of time each week at

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