Thursday, August 14, 2008

Preparing for Sunday Worship on Thursday

Suggestions for Preparing for Sunday's Corporate Worship - Today.

THANK – Thank God for His provision for you—physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually. Thank Him for all the Spiritual gifts He provides to nourish our soul – including the corporate gathering of His people on the Lord’s Day.

TALK – Look for an opportunity to invite some to join you who does not worship with a true church.

ENCOURAGE – Consider writing an encouragement note to someone in the congregation. Tell the person that you appreciate and are praying for him. Look for a way that you can serve someone – in or out of the church. Serve someone who can not serve you back.

LISTEN/OBEY – Do not neglect the daily reading and meditation on God’s Word and prayer. Reflect on specific works of God in the OT and NT as well as in your own life. Remember that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

PRAY – Declare your dependence on God and ask Him:

· To give you a proper heart to worship Him this coming Lord’s Day.

· To help you delight in the Gospel – you have been saved by grace through Jesus.

· To help you faithfully anticipate and prepare for the coming Sunday

· To work mightily through His Word and our Worship on the next Lord’s Day

INTERCEDE – Pray for Pastor Daniel, Luke and Dave as they discuss the worship service and select songs. Pray for guidance and edification. Pray for Daniel as he prepares the sermon and continues to study and pray. Pray that he would be faithful to the Word. Pray for the Sunday School teachers as they prepare their lessons.

ANTICIPATE – Remind yourself and your kids that in three days you get to worship God together as a church. Ask God to heighten your anticipation.

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