Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My New Family - Personal Blog

I want to welcome to our family website - SON OF HAROLD. Over the past half year I have enjoyed blogging at this church blog and have found myself wanting to put more personal, family, funny or just plain interesting stuff that wouldn't quite fit with the purpose of a church blog. I enjoy posting pictures and stories and like to send them to my friends and family. I plan to do that at the new blog.

The blog is called - "Son of Harold." I hope you like the name. Harold is a great and uncommon name. It also happens to be my dad's. We haven't given one of our sons that name yet but I thought I would highlight it with this blog. My dad is a godly man who takes many things very seriously but when it comes to himself -- he enjoys a good laugh with his kids and grandkids.

I will keep a section on the bottom right with my latest feeds in case you are interested and you sign up to get emails from the new blog whenever there is an update. Click here to sign up for an email subscription.

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