Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Outdoing the Competition, the Olympics and Our Call as Disciples

Read this article by Sam Crabtree (a friend and former mentor to me at Bethlehem Baptist Church). The article is called "2 Kinds of Outdoing" and he writes:

What should Christians, especially those who are non-sports fans, make of the Olympics?

Everything in the material universe points to something of significance in the non-material realm. By saying so, I am not trying to diminish the significance of the physical universe per se. God has ordained meaning and significance there, too. Jesus ascended bodily to heaven. Meanwhile, the material creation points to things not seen with physical eyes, but with spiritual eyes.

The Bible is bursting with numerous examples of material objects employed as metaphors. Mustard seeds point to faith. Rocks struck in the wilderness point to Jesus who is our sacrificial lamb. Manna points to nourishment that does not come by bread alone. The heavens declare not just condensation, but God’s glory.... (read the whole article here).

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