Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Book by Pastor Dave - Debtors of Grace

Pastor Dave has published a new booklet for several of the Discipleship Groups called "Debtors of Grace - A Biblical and Practical Look at Evangelism."

If you would like a copy of the book email (or talk) Dave (his email is

Here is a pdf version of the book for you to download and read on your computer or print.

Dave's intro gives an overview of what he covers in the booklet:
When it comes to evangelism (sharing the Gospel
with non-Christians or making grace payments),
there are four very important—indeed, necessary—
elements: communicating the Gospel to
non-Christians 1) is part of following Jesus, 2) is
usually most efficacious, and always most pleasing
to God, when it springs from deep, personal
satisfaction in God, 3) requires a clear, Biblical
understanding of the Gospel, and 4) involves intentionality,
purpose, and practice. While we will
briefly address the first three elements, the primary
purpose of this booklet is to look at element
4 (the intentionality, purpose, and practice of
evangelism). However, please do not think that
because, in the context of this booklet, we are not
spending a great deal of time on elements 1-3
they are not important. As I said above, they are
absolutely essential. No biblical evangelism can
take place without them. Again, please do not
gloss over them. Do not minimize or marginalize
them. We must begin there. It is only after we
have them in place that we have any hope of engaging
in Biblical evangelism.

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