Friday, August 15, 2008

Preparing for Sunday Worship on Friday

Suggestions for Preparing for Sunday's Corporate Worship - Today.

THANK – Thank God for the coming weekend which includes the Lord’s Day. It is good to work and it is good to rest—thank Him for both.

TALK – Talk to others about the privilege of worshiping Jesus with the church on the Lord’s Day. Look for an opportunity to invite some to join you who does not worship with a true church. Consider making plans to fellowship with other believers following the worship service.

ENCOURAGE – Let leaders and volunteers in the church who serve on Sunday know that you are praying for them this weekend. Take advantage of email (if you have it). Look for an opportunity to encourage someone with your time this weekend.

LISTEN/OBEY – How should you apply the Bible to your life today? Do not neglect the daily reading and meditation on God’s Word and prayer. Begin to read and reflect on the Sermon text and songs that will be used on the Lord’s Day. The pastors will put the songs and Scripture passages on the church website and blog by Friday afternoon.

PRAY – Declare your dependence on God and ask Him:

· To give you and undivided heart to worship Him this weekend.

· To give you and undistracted heart to worship Him this weekend.

· To help you enjoy the fact that you are worshipping God with His people.

· To work mightily through His Word and our Worship on the next Lord’s Day.

INTERCEDE – Pray for Pastor Daniel as he finishes his sermon and prepares for other parts of the service. Pray for Luke and the worship team as they prepare their music and souls for the Sunday worship music. Pray for Dave as he finishes preparing for Berea. Pray that God would produce fruit through the preparation of these things.

ANTICIPATE – Remind yourself and your kids that in two days you get to worship God together as a church. Ask God to heighten your anticipation.

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