Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How Should We View Corporate Worship? - Sermon

The audio was not recorded this Sunday, but here is the manuscript for my sermon that I preached on August 3rd. This is the second sermon from the series - "God's Glorious Gift of Corporate Worship."

In this sermon I asked the question - "How should we view corporate worship?"
I gave six observation that should inform our view of corporate worship.

1. Corporate Worship Has Always Been the Joyful Practice of God’s People in the Bible. (see manuscript for Scripture)

2. Corporate Worship is Implied by the Content and Nature of the Psalms

3. Corporate Worship is the Joyful Occupation of Heaven

4. The Nature of Corporate Worship brings more Glory to God than Private or Individual Worship.

5. Corporate Worship Brings More Edification than Private and Individual Worship.

6. Corporate Worship Reflects the Picture of the Church Better than Private and Individual Worship.

Given these truths – we should consider corporate worship as very significant, meaningful, worth pursuing, prioritizing, growing in…

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DJV said...

Good stuff, PD. I really have appreciated thinking and praying over #'s 1 and 3. The fact that corporate worship ties us to the entire history of God's people and the entire future of God's people is almost overwhelming. Thanks for allowing your heart for Jesus to spill out into your preaching.