Saturday, August 23, 2008

Preparing for Corporate Worship- The Lord's Day

Here are some suggestions from the brochure I gave out two weeks ago about preparing for corporate worship (see whole brochure here):
RISE EARLY ENOUGH – Get up early enough to spend some quiet moments praying and thanking
God for the Day and opportunity to worship together with saved sinners. You want to avoid
feeling rushed.
TALK – Avoid hurtful and unedifying words but instead look for opportunities to build up with your
words as you prepare to go to the church building. Show forbearance to one another in love for
Jesus’ sake.
EAT HELPFULLY – Breakfast is an important meal for your body. Eat to the glory of God. Watch
what you drink so that you or your kids do not have to take unnecessary and distracting trips to the
LEAVE EARLY – Leave so that you can arrive at least 15 minutes before Sunday School or the
Worship Service. Please consider coming to Sunday school/Berea.
FIND A SEAT – As soon as possible look for a seat several minutes before the service begins. Sit
closer to the front if possible and keep others in mind. Sit and quiet yourself in preparation for the
corporate worship of God. Teach your kids to sit quietly with you during this time (they can spend
time with their friends afterwards).
PRAY – Declare your dependence on God and ask Him:
• To help you see and savor Him this morning.
• To help you worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.
• To satisfy you this morning with His unfailing love in the Gospel of Jesus.
• To work mightily through His Word, prayer and songs.
• To anoint Luke, the musicians and the preacher with Holy Spirit power.
• To produce fruit for the glory of God and joy of all people.
LISTEN/OBEY – Listen carefully and prayerfully to what is said and sung. Concentrate. Ask God
to help you love His word more than the greatest riches on earth. Take notes. Help your kids take
notes or use the kid’s bulletin. Listen to the Word with humility and teachability.
ENCOURAGE – Look for opportunities to greet and encourage others afterwards. Possibly get
together with people to share food together. Look to talk to someone who you don’t know or don’t
regularly talk with. Make plans to get together with someone this week.
INTERCEDE – Pray for the word to convict and give life to yourself and others as a result of the
preaching. Pray for encouragement for the preacher in Jesus’ name.
TALK/OBEY – Talk with your family about the service. Talk with others about the worship and
word. Look to be a doer and not a hearer only.
REST – Make it a habit to get rest during this day. Take a nap. Thank God for the rest that he provides
for us by His grace.
THANK – Thank God for the gift of worship on the Lord’s Day. Ask Him to continue to grow your
love for Him and for His Church.

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