Friday, August 8, 2008

Preparing for Corporate Worship - Sunday, August 10th

Douglas Wilson writes an exhortation on preparing for corporate worship:

every week at this time you hear an exhortation to prepare yourself for worship. But remember that these exhortations should be recalled at other times than just a few moments before we begin.

Prepare for the Lord's Day throughout the week. Exhort your children. Prepare them for it. Meditate on the subject of the sermon. Review the psalms and hymns that we list a week before. Use the bulletin to guide your prayers for those we lift up on the Lord's Day.

Prepare for this worship the night before. Set clothing aside so there is no frantic rush to find things at the last minute.

Rise a little early to compose your thoughts, and arrange the frame of your heart. Pray, Pay attention to what you eat and drink so that you don't have to interrupt your worship with trips to the restroom.

Teach your children to sit still, learning to pay attention. Be patient with those parents who have this considerable task in hand.

Every day, look forward to the opportunity we have to worship the Lord. Long for it, and pray that God would use what we do here for His glory in our community. It is His name we lift up, and because it is a name with great weight, we must pray that He will do this through us, for our strength is small.

Here is the Scripture passages for the sermon and the songs with lyrics.

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