Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Preparing for Sunday Worship on Wednesday

On Sunday I gave out a handout with practical suggestions for making your regular week a time of preparation for worship. I wrote (here is the entire pdf in a printable format):

Here are some practical suggestions that I commend to you for your pursuit of pleasing God in worship. I suggest these things for your joy and not as a legalistic weight to burden you. I do not mean to infer that if you follow a formula or plan that you are guaranteed to experience God in an overwhelming emotional way. If this seems overwhelming, I suggest taking one or two things per day as a start. My goal is that we would grow into a mindset and attitude of intentional reliance on God and earnest longing to experience Him in corporate worship. I pray that we would grow to be able to honestly say — Sunday mornings at Grace are the happiest place on earth and the best days of the week.

Here is the preparation for Wednesday:

THANK – Thank God for giving you the Spirit to be our Helper in all things including the worship of God in Spirit! Thank the Holy Spirit for being your Helper as you follow Jesus.

TALK – Talk to others about the privilege of worshiping Jesus with the church on the Lord’s Day. We talk about what is important to us. Look for an opportunity to invite some to join you this Sunday who does not worship with a true church.

ENCOURAGE – Again look for an opportunity to encourage someone by thanking them or sharing how you are seeing God work in their life. Again, take the time to call someone who was absent and without “guilt-tripping” them—let them know they were missed. Look for an opportunity to encourage a leader within the church. Let him/her know you are praying for them (and do it).

LISTEN/OBEY – Ask God what He would have you do in obedience to His Word? How should you apply the Bible to your life today? Do not neglect the daily reading and meditation on God’s Word and prayer. Reflect on a particular promise of God and revisit it through the day as you deal with conflicts, anxieties, problems, blessings, struggles, etc. Focusing on God and living in reliance of His promises during the week is vital to declaring His goodness and promises on Sunday.

PRAY – Declare your dependence on God and ask Him:

· To help you grow in an appreciation for the Truth of God and His Word.

· To help you delight in being in His Word day and night.

· To help you faithfully anticipate and prepare for the coming Sunday.

· To work mightily through His Word and our Worship on the next Lord’s Day.

INTERCEDE – Pray for the teens who usually meet this night. Pray that they would not waste the early years of their lives but would live fully for God. Pray for youth leaders and for the parents of the teens. Pray for the preacher as he begins working on the Sunday sermon. Pray that he will not neglect the most important things (the Word and prayer).

ANTICIPATE – Remind yourself and your kids that in four days you get to worship God together as a church. Ask God to heighten your anticipation.

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