Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Significance of Corporate Worship

I was reminded again how significant corporate worship is last week when I listened to Piper's sermon on the Psalms called "Spiritual Depression in the Psalms."

Most of us have a shallow view of the importance and power of the worship service. Listen to this quote from Piper's sermon as he points out that the "downcast" and "depressed" psalmist in Psalm 42 looked back to his experiences in the corporate worship in the temple (a worship service) to fight off the rolling waves of painful emotional attack.

Here is the audio to download and to listen to it streaming:

Pray that God would deepen your longing to experience more of Him as you gather with the people of God on Sunday mornings. Alone time in the Word is important; small group times are important; but there is something significant about the gathering of God's people to worship.

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