Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Corporate Worship - Why Does It Matter? - Sermon

This past Sunday I began a series on corporate worship. In the five weeks of this series I want to ask these questions:

1) Why does it matter?
This was the sermon from last Sunday and you can download it here or listen to it below.

2) How should we view corporate worship?
What does the Bible say and how does it relate to us as NT believers?

3) What difference should it make for us?
  • How should it impact how we prepare for corporate worship throughout the week and on Sunday?
  • What elements are necessary in corporate worship according to the Bible? The Bible must determine and guide what we do--what does it say about corporate worship and what it is we actually do when we gather? What do we do at Grace Church and how does this line up with the Bible?
  • What practical difference should this make in our lives at Grace Church and in the worship services of Grace?
To open the sermon we began with a video clip on the significance of corporate worship (by John Piper). You can watch it below online or download it here.

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