Friday, July 11, 2008

I Would Cheer for the Vikings if...

More on Brett Favre and his comeback. I never thought I would say this but I think I could handle Favre coming to the Vikings (read for one or two final seasons. After overcoming an emotional reaction to the idea, I now think I would cheer for him and the Vikings while he was their QB. Of course I would continue to cheer the Pack on and when it. came to head to head (imagine the ratings) I would be wearing masculine colors (green and gold) no doubt about it.

I don't think it is beyond the scope of possibility that the Packers would release Favre given that he has officially asked to be released today (see ).

If Favre gets to choose where he wants to go, he will want to play with a team that is a QB away from being a contender. There are few if any that fit this description. The Vikings have potential but not with T-Jack. The Vikings would be STUPID to turn down number 4. However, they are the Vikings (copyright Hershal Walker).

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Joseph Mancuso said...

Favre on the Vikings? What next, the Pope becomes a protestant? ;)

Ben G. said...

Ummm, purple is actually the color of royalty, while both gold (the metal) and green (money) represent greed and avarice ... vikings fans are free of both greed and money, and the team therefore spends little of the latter on good players 8-)

michael Teachout said...

I would like Favre to finish as a Packer and except for winning the Superbowl, what better way to go out than in the NFC Championship game having played for 16 straight seasons without missing a game.

That said, if Favre plays, I will cheer for the Pack first of course, and then for Favre