Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Extrodinary Ordinary

My guess is that many of you, like me, have not heard many sermons from the book of Philemon. With Pastor Daniel on vacation for the next two weeks and my desire to teach on a book of the Bible, and after a good deal of prayer and thought, I believe that Philemon will be an excellent investment for our next two weeks.

This week my sermon text is Philemon 1-7 and 23-25. From it I hope to answer five questions :
1. What is Philemon all about?
2. Why is Philemon in the Bible?
3. What does Philemon say?
4. What are the important theological themes in Philemon?
5. What application might we come away with from Philemon?

Please pray for me as I finish preparing the message.


John Pace said...

Dave, the sermon on Sunday was very good. I have heard other sermons on Philemon in the past (one or two) and I thought that your perspective on Sunday was unique and very convicting. God used you well yesterday.

Jeff said...
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Jeff J said...

Hi Dave, I agree with JP - your sermon was convicting. I'm glad it wasn't my turn for GFK :)

Thank you