Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thoughts on My Coming Vacation - 2009

Starting tomorrow, after church, I will start a two week vacation. Last summer I was challenged by C. J. Mahaney to look at the family vacation (as the husband and father) in a different way (see here):

Husbands are called by God to serve and lead. But we are all vulnerable to viewing the family vacation as a well-earned time away from work where we can rest and relax! But this attitude and approach to a vacation normally reveals a self-centeredness that does not please God or serve our families...

And you will know you are serving and leading effectively on your vacation when y

ou fall into bed at night more exhausted than at the end of the most grueling day of work. The father must enter family vacations committed to serve, lead, plan, initiate, and work, and do all this with joy. This isn’t your time to rest. Only your wife deserves to rest on vacation (because no one works harder than she does the rest of the year).

But for the husband, vacations are a unique opportunity to serve and lead and work harder in some ways than he does during the normal work week. But this kind of work is a pure joy like no other work. (Read the entire article here)
The pursuit of this goal last summer, though not perfectly attained, proved fruitful and very encouraging to myself, Molly and the kids. Most importantly, I believe God was glorified.

This summer, during our "stay-cation" (not going anywhere over night but STAYing home) I want to focus on 2 specific goals as I lead my family in this vacation:
  • "Skillful Surprises" - Mahaney: "Effective surprises begin with studying each member of your family to discover what a meaningful and memorable surprise would involve. But trust me, each member of your family loves to be surprised."
  • "Intentional Togetherness" - At the age my kids are at (6, 5, 3, 1) the best way to be together is by means of a "Stay-Cation". I love going to my parents or in-laws, but less quality time is spent just as a family. Right now (at this age) togetherness is not a thing the kids like to revolt against--they LOVE quality and quantity family time.
I guess we'll see how it goes. To God be the glory and from God must come the Help and Blessing...

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