Friday, June 12, 2009

Sermon - "The Obedience of Discipleship"

Last Sunday I preached on the obedience of discipleship.

6.7.09 The Obedience of Discipleship Matthew 7:21-27
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Those who are followers of Jesus obey Jesus. They don't obey so that they can become disciples, they obey because they are disciples.

Obedience is not a virtue we do well in - especially obedience to the things that are hard (it's easy to be obedient to the command not to have more than one wife - it is entirely different to abstain from looking at a woman with lustful intent).

Here are some questions I asked - Are you obedient?:

Do you read and meditate on the Word of God?

Is prayer a powerful and intentional element of your life?

Do you have sins that you make excuses for but care little to fight against?

Do you still view pornography? Are you fighting against it with accountability and counsel?

Husbands, do you lead and love your wife? Are you spiritually leading?

Wives, do you respect and submit to your husband?

Fathers, do you lead spiritually your children?

Mothers, are you gentle and loving as well as firm and wise? Do you let your husband lead?

Singles, are you seeking GOD’s will for a spouse? Does He call the shots in how you think about dating?

Fathers, are you harsh with your children?

Children, are you obedient to your parents?

Do you gossip? Do you regularly use critical speech?

How important is the body of Christ? Did you plan your vacation with any thought towards the impact it may have on the body of Christ?

Are you a member of your church?

Baptism? Have you been baptized as a believer? What holds you back?

Why are you not in a discipleship group when your spiritual leaders have formed these groups with the purpose of helping your grow in Christ as a disciple?

How do you spend your money? Do you give significantly as an act of worship and an expression that your money is really God’s?

Do you make the worship of God a priority? Do you prepare yourself to receive the Word of God?

Do you have friends that are in sin but you have not lovingly confronted them though you know that you should (because you are afraid you might lose their friendship)?

Are you obedient as a witness for Jesus Christ?

Do you have neighbors or friends that you have known for years but you have never shared the Gospel with them or have not invited them to church?

Have you reached out to people in this church that are not in your comfort zone?

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