Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sneak Preview for Sunday Sermon

Pray for pastor Dave VanAcker as he prepares his heart and mind for the preaching of the Word tomorrow at Grace Church. Dave is returning from vacation and is serving me and the church tomorrow by preaching on the seventh description of a Disciple of Jesus -- "A Debtor/Lover of People." He will preach from Romans 1:1-17 and his sermon is entitled: "Greeks, Barbarians and Grace Payments." Here is a sneak preview of the main points of his sermon. If you read this before Sunday, make these main points a prayer for your own life and heart and for those at Grace Church.

1. Following Jesus means rightly understanding and responding to the Gospel.

2. Rightly understanding the Gospel means recognizing the centrality and sovereignty of God in all things, the sinful, hopeless, helpless, condemned nature of man apart from God’s grace, and the redemptive, reconciliatory work of Jesus on the cross made efficacious by grace through faith.

3. Rightly responding to the Gospel means receiving the gifts of awe and wonder, brokenness and repentance, desperation and pleading, fear and trembling, thankfulness and rejoicing, love and adoration, acceptance and obedience, and faith and trust.

4. Upon understanding and receiving to Gospel, by grace through faith, we become grace debtors to everyone.

5. Our obligation to make grace payments (share the Gospel) will affect every area of our lives.

Here is a song that relates to the sermon and one that we plan to sing tomorrow morning.

Come Thou Fount - by David Crowder

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