Friday, June 27, 2008

Free Friday -- "Free Grace Broadcaster"

Its Friday and we all like something FREE. I want to share with you a valuable resource and ministry that I have enjoyed for more than five years. The source is Mount Zion Baptist Church and the ministry or resource is "The Free Grace Broadcaster." It is a booklet of about 30 pages that they send out quarterly for FREE (they also print several small out of print Christian classics that are free). Each installment takes a topic and has 7-10 articles by men who are now dead but still speak quite powerfully (guys like Spurgeon, Ryle, Lloyd-Jones, Bunyan, Watson, and many Puritans).

Here is a link to which you can order this Broadcaster and receive it in the mail.

Here is the website that you can access online their previous publications.

Here are some of the past topics:

Biblical Parenthood (The most current)

Aspects of Justification
Aspects of Repentance
Assurance and Perseverance
Blood of Christ, The
Christ The Mediator
Christian Life, The
Comfort for the Afflicted
Communion/Union with Christ
Cross of Jesus Christ, The
Death Is Coming: Flee from the Wrath of God
Evil Tongue, The
Faithfulness of God, The
Family Worship
Fear of God, The

I only made it through F. Take a few minutes and order this great tool for the soul.

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