Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Saul Selby this Sunday at Grace Church

This Sunday, we have the privilege of having Saul Selby come to Grace Church to challenge us on Evangelism. Saul is a resident of Wyoming (MN) and is the director of Missionary Evangelism to Corrections an extensive evangelism ministry to the jails in Chisago County and other surrounding counties.

Saul, a former-addict, also runs a ministry called "Set-Free Recovery Ministries" which includes intervention and counseling for those enslaved to drugs and alcohol. Saul has authored several books, pamphlets and video series including the book Twelve Step Christianity.

Saul is going to challenge us to follow Jesus by paying "Grace Debts" (using Pastor Dave's language) to those around us who do not know or follow Jesus. His sermon is entitled -- "The Lost Art of Reaching the Lost."

He is also going to share with us some opportunities to get involved locally with evangelism to the jails.

Please pray for Saul and the service this Sunday -- and come!

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