Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Evidences of Grace in Tim Harris

Three highlights for me in 2007 relate to a guy named Tim Harris. Harris is member of Grace Church and a personal friend and fellow member of my discipleship group.
  • The first of these three was when his friend (now wife), Michelle, asked me to pray for him--that he would be rescued from his horrible Meth addiction and receive salvation in Jesus Christ--and hearing months later the report of his salvation (in jail) and freedom in Christ over the bondage of drugs.
  • The second, is when I got to baptize Tim (as you see in the picture) during the summer -- as he testified publicly of his faith in Jesus, his commitment to follow Him, and of the radical new birth that had come into his life by the sovereign grace of God.
  • The third highlight was when I was given the privilege to marry Tim and Michelle in September [by the way -- Michelle's story of salvation is equally as dramatic and contrasting of the old and new life] at Grace Church on a Sunday afternoon. Two lives who had collided with each other for so many years in so many sinful and damaging ways, were now being harmoniously united in Christ for His glory and the joy of these two souls.
Both Tim and Michelle Harris have plunged themselves into the body of Christ at Grace Church and desire to grow as followers of Jesus and serve God and the body in whatever way they can.

This Sunday, Tim is going to share his testimony of conversion before the morning sermon preached by Saul Selby. Saul, who will be preaching, is a former-addict and is now running an evangelism ministry to the local jails in the surrounding counties. Tim was saved in jail.

Please pray for Tim and Saul as they share this Sunday.
Pray that God would enlarge our heart to delight in the Gospel and deliver it to others.

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