Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On a Stand - Evangelism Seminar

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Please consider joining us for the second of our three 2009 training and equipping seminars: On a Stand - The Heart, Mind, and Practice of Evangelism . During this brief time together we'll look at the evangelical mind, the evangelical heart, the evangelical life, and the evangelical church (see outline below). Our aim is to come to an understanding of the Biblical teaching regarding evangelism as well as to consider the practical implications of such a view. Our prayer is that everyone would leave with a clearer understanding of what the Bible has to say about evangelism, that this clearer understanding would lead to greater satisfaction in God, that this greater satisfaction would lead to a greater love for people, and that this greater love would lead to more frequent, bold, and compassionate evangelism at Grace Church.

For several years now God has placed a consistently increasing awareness of my need to continually speak the gospel to others. Indeed, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to imagine a non-sinful justification for gospel-silence in my life. Lost sinners need to know that Jesus has made a provision for them to be reconciled to the Father by grace through faith. And God has, in His infinite love and wisdom, chosen to use found sinners to be conduits of this saving grace to the lost. Please pray with me that God would use this seminar to bring glory and sinners to Himself.

Pastor Dave

Session 1: An Evangelical Mind

What do we mean by evangelism? What exactly is the Gospel? What is the Gospel not? How should a mature Christian think about evangelism?

Session 2: An Evangelical Heart

What is the relationship between evangelism and satisfaction in Jesus? What is the relationship between satisfaction in Jesus and love for others? How should a mature Christian feel about evangelism?

Session 3: An Evangelical Life – Initiating relationships for the sake of the Gospel

What is the relationship between entering the lives of others and the effectiveness of our evangelism? What does a life committed to sharing the Gospel with others in a relational context look like?

Session 4: An Evangelical Life – Speaking the Gospel into the lives of others

What does it look like to speak the Gospel into the lives of others? How comfortable should we expect our evangelism to be (for us or our hearers)? What do we do if someone responds positively or negatively to the Gospel?

Session 5: An Evangelical Church

What will all of this look like at Grace Church? How might we best invest our evangelistic efforts in the coming months and years?

Who: Everyone is welcome. Please invite anyone that you think might benefit from an extended look at the nature and practice of evangelism.

Cost: $20 / family (includes dinner on Friday night, breakfast on Saturday morning, childcare, and an evangelism resource kit).

When: Friday, June 12th (6:30-9:00pm) and Saturday, June 13th (9:00am-noon).

Where: Grace Church (26680 Faxton Ave. Wyoming, MN 55092).

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