Thursday, May 28, 2009

Great Time Away - The Little Things

Last Friday, Molly, the kids and I loaded the van and headed for eastern Wisconsin where my parents live (Dunbar, WI - near Northland International University). We had a very restful and encouraging weekend. We returned to Minnesota on Tuesday morning.
I am thankful to God for all the little blessings that He gives us to enjoy.
Here are some highlights that I thank Him for:

Friday Night
  • Celebrated Paul's birthday (which is Saturday, May 30th - he will be five)
  • Watched the NBA playoffs with my three brothers
  • I was able to enjoy a good run through the country.
  • Went to a family run zoo in Wallace, MI (the UP of MI). The kids got to pet a tiger cub, baby coyote, kangaroo, and we watched the tigers and lions getting fed. Here is the zoo website.
  • We had a feast at my grandmother's house.
  • We watch more NBA basketball.
  • We worshiped at my parents church (where I grew up) - Faith Baptist Church in Pembine WI.
  • I enjoyed several walks by myself, with the kids and with Molly.
  • The VanAckers stopped by my parent's house on their way to MI. We enjoyed supper with them.
  • We watched more Playoff basketball.
  • Went on a four-wheel ride with Elijah and saw a bear with her two cubs. Got some good pictures (see above). We got very close. It was crazy to be so close to a bear in the wild.
  • Enjoyed a tasty grill-out of burgers and brats (it's Wisconsin).
  • Went miniature golfing with the kids.
  • More four-wheeling.
  • Watched Star Wars Episode 1 with the family.
  • Watched basketball.
Tuesday - Returned home via McDonalds playland in Ladysmith, WI.

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Katie said...

So jealous. But am happy and glad for you to have such a wonderful time. I have NEVER seen a bear up there! I showed Luke the picture. Love you all so much and miss you!