Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sermon - Be Reconciled to God

Below is my sermon from last Sunday.

My main points was - "Be reconciled to God" - 2 Cor. 5:20-21.

I had 3 categories of people in mind:

  1. Some are enemies of God and need to be reconciled by being truly converted (sincere repentance and trust in Jesus for salvation)

  2. Some of you are children of God but are disobedient and you need restoration (1 John 1:9ff)

  3. All of His children are given the charge to be give this message to others (being messengers of reconciliation)

My three points were:

Be Fearful.
Be Hopeful.
Be Urgent.

Here it is:

22.09 Be Reconciled to God 2 Corinthians 5:11-6:2 Read Read Listen

(right click the "listen" link and save to computer to download)

1 comment:

John P. said...

Great sermon on Sunday Daniel. I think that we Christians sometimes need a reminder that our sin can get in the way of having a deeper relationship with God. I am praying for your message tonight that God will use it in a powerful way. God Bless