Thursday, May 29, 2008

Paul Stephan Lewis Patz - 4 Years Old

Tomorrow my first born son will turn 4 years old. Paul Stephan Lewis Patz was born on May 30th, 2004 on a Sunday morning. I praise God for my little "Buddy."

Paul (AKA "Buddy") is a tender-hearted kid that would notice if you got a haircut and compliment you on it. Buddy enjoys the Packers with dad and he enjoys watching almost any sport that I am watching. He likes to play sports and he enjoys going with me to softball practice, games or anything else I can take him with me to. He is also the kind of boy who will wear about 4 outfits in one day depending on his mood (this frustrates Molly). The other day he wore a Packer jersey, plaid shorts (tan and blue), and white and blue sock with skate board shoes. Of course he chose that outfit. He is the kind of kid who will walk by you while playing and say -- "love ya dad." He is very intelligent and concepts and memorization come very easy to him. I think he will do good in school with little work.

It is my earnest desire and prayer that Paul will live a life with a passion to know, love and glorify his Creator!

Here are some videos I made for his birthday with pictures of Paul set to some of his favorite worship songs:





Katie said...

I loved watching these videos of my sweet Buddy. I miss my nieces and nephews so much and am asking God to move us closer together one day. I got to talk to all 3 on the phone this afternoon. Buddy was so sweet & honestly confessed that they had gone to two stores today and he obeyed in one store and disobeyed in the other. :) Love you all. Auntie Nanner

wood said...

That was so fun to watch those videos! Buddy is too cute for words. What a sweet boy he is, and I also pray that he grows up to love and serve Jesus with his whole heart. I enjoyed reading the blog about him, too. Happy 4th Birthday, Buddy!
We love you. Uncle Tim and Aunt Amy and cousin Hannah