Friday, May 16, 2008

One More Savior Than I Deserve!

Justin Taylor is a friend from when I was at Bethlehem Baptist Church and he has a must-read Blog called "Between Two Worlds." You need to add this blog to your RSS feeds or igoogle.

Recently he wrote and brief article for the "New Attitude" conference on Jesus as the only way of salvation entitled "One More Way to God than I Deserve." I suggest reading it and watching the video clip of R. C. Sproul about Jesus being only and how gracious God is to do it that way. It is very power -- you can view it below.

Taylor writes:
What we need to do—by God’s grace and through prayer and through winsome communication—is to seek to show that the ultimate response to the question, “How can there be only one way to God?” is “How could the only wise and righteous God be so kind and merciful and gracious to provide a way for me to know him?” In other words, the correct answer to the question, “How many ways are there to God?” is: One more than I deserve.

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