Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Praying for Your Pastor-preachers

As I was reading from Spurgeon's "What the Stones Say" this week I came across this powerful illustration that emphasizes the need for people to pray for their pastors.
We may say what we will, but it is true that God does bless all by one. But every man, however much God may have helped him in the past, will grow weary, unless he be upheld by the loving sympathies and earnest prayers of those around him. I thank God for my Aarons and Hurs. I have heard of a minister, some of the members of whose congregation complained to him that his sermons of late had not been so good as aforetime. “Well,” said the good man, ‘there’s but too much truth in the charge; but this is how it is, I’ve lost my prayer book.” “But,” said they, “we did not know you used a book for prayers.” “No,” said the minister, “but my prayer-book is in your hearts, and I’ve lost your prayers.” I am sure the quality of a sermon often depends upon the prayers of the congregation.
Please pray for your pastor/preachers.