Friday, August 7, 2009

Relationships - A Mess Worth Making

Over the past few weeks I read an outstanding book by Tim Lane and Paul Tripp called Relationships: A Mess Worth Making. The title itself is worth the price of the book. The book was no disappointment. It has been very timely to read this book as I prepare to preach through the second half of the book of Ephesians (4-6). In these chapters, Paul is concerned that Christians live out their salvation in the context of the messiness of relationship.

Here are 8 important points from the book that give us a biblical perspective on our relationships with other people:

  • You were made for relationships
  • In some way, all relationships are difficult
  • Each of us is tempted to make relationships the end rather than the means
  • There are no secrets that guarantee problem-free relationships
  • At some point you will wonder whether relationships are worth it
  • God keeps us in messy relationships for his redemptive purposes
  • The fact that our relationships work as well as they do is a sure sign of grace
  • Scripture offers a clear hope for our relationships

I thank God that he keeps us in messy relationships for His redemptive purposes! He is in the process of restoration and sanctification.

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